Missing content after installation according to files

Mosquito MQTT is required to compile the gvm-libs package. To my knowledge this is because the openvas-scanner is currently designed to have optional functionality for both the new openvasd service for processing Notus scanning activities and the older notus-scanner service.

Also, it seems that the source code install instructions for openvasd:

sudo cp -v ../target/release/openvasd $INSTALL_DIR/usr/local/bin/
sudo cp -v ../target/release/scannerctl $INSTALL_DIR/usr/local/bin/

Should be:

sudo cp -v ../target/release/openvasd $INSTALL_DIR/openvasd/usr/local/bin/
sudo cp -v ../target/release/scannerctl $INSTALL_DIR/openvasd/usr/local/bin/

Thanks for providing this info, will look into having these commands changed ASAP. :smiley: