Missing content after installation according to files

After I installed it according to the steps on github, I found that openvasd was missing in the destination of the cp command in this step.

There are also few instructions on how to install mosquitto.

Mosquito MQTT is required to compile the gvm-libs package. To my knowledge this is because the openvas-scanner is currently designed to have optional functionality for both the new openvasd service for processing Notus scanning activities and the older notus-scanner service.

Also, it seems that the source code install instructions for openvasd:

sudo cp -v ../target/release/openvasd $INSTALL_DIR/usr/local/bin/
sudo cp -v ../target/release/scannerctl $INSTALL_DIR/usr/local/bin/

Should be:

sudo cp -v ../target/release/openvasd $INSTALL_DIR/openvasd/usr/local/bin/
sudo cp -v ../target/release/scannerctl $INSTALL_DIR/openvasd/usr/local/bin/

Thanks for providing this info, will look into having these commands changed ASAP. :smiley: