Migrate from source to container


I’m currently using an OpenVAS that was built from source and I would like to move to docker.

I have checked the documentation and the forum but I couldn’t find any guide to do it.

Is it possible to move my current configuration to docker without having to configure everything from scratch ?

This feature is only available in Enterprise products. :slight_smile:. If you are inclined you may write scripts using python-gvm as an API to extract and re-upload your tasks, targets, custom scan configurations, etc.

You can try exporting the postgres data from your machine and import it into the postgres container. It might work.

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Hi @bricks,

I also think it should be possible

I’m just a basic user, but I would assume that the database structure is the same between source and docker installations. So it makes sense to me that if we take the data from one installation and import it into another it should work.
But this is just me making assumptions.

I was trying to do it before, but I think source and docker installations use different postgres users.
I think source uses “gvm” as the postgres user and docker uses “gvmd”. (I’m recalling from memory, I no longer have the test setup to check the logs again)

My next step would be to find out if it’s possible to rename the postgres user on the postgres backup file taken from the source installation, so it can be imported into the docker postgres database.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to continue testing this, maybe I’ll come back to this topic some day.