Microsoft Bulletins Not running


Facing an issue where none nvts from Microsoft Bulletins are running at all during authenticated scans, this is checked through openvassd.messages. I have tried both on OpenVAS 9 ans latest version 21.04.
I tried to move some scripts from that category to other like General and then i was able to see in the logs that they launched.

Any ideas ?

Hi @winterk :slight_smile:

Since it looks like it’s doing the same thing still as when you reported it here Microsoft Bulletins Does Not Run

I have a couple of questions to see if we can track it down. Did you upgrade to 21.04 or do a fresh install, and is it the same target machine?


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Installed new openvas21 on a new machine, tried with 2 different targets, both windows auth scan. I wonder if anyone else have same issues since i’m testing with greenbone’s community feed ?

Any ideas @DeeAnn. Also did anyone else reported for the same issue ?

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