Microsoft Bulletins Does Not Run

Hello, i would appreciate any help on this topic.

Running authenticated scan against Windows machine (Server 2012), Authentication is successful, openvas scanner can find a lot of relevant information , but there is a problem that 0 tests from family “Windows: Microsoft Bulletins” run. Checked openvassd.messages, i can see only that they were loaded when i started openvas and that’s it , nothing else , no information like (Not starting … coz mandatory key is missing).

I moved around 30 scripts from Microsoft bulletins to family “General” (ones that i was sure has to trigger), and in like 10 minutes after the start of the scan they all were found.

I tried and created new family , ex. “Win Patches Microsoft” and moved those 30 scripts in that category, and they were NOT detected again.

Any ideas what is going on and why there is none information about attempt to even run them in openvassd.messages or how this can be fixed ?

Thank you.

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Hello @Lukas,

I have read it before and am familiar with this. But my question was more like an issue with openvas not running a certain family of nvts. When i moved scripts from Microsoft Bulletins to General they worked. Do you suggest that nvts in Microsoft Bulletins will not run because i am using community feed or that Availability of tests are not promised for GCF ?

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It might be possible that the SMB login was successful but the access to the remote registry failed due to lacking permissions or a not running remote registry service. See the following topic for more info on how to verify a working target configuration / setup:

It’s not the case, it’s 100% that i have access to target Windows machine (in the logs i am able to display all registry entries) and also as i already mentioned, when i move nvts from family “Windows: Microsoft Bulletins” to “General” for example, everything works as expected.

Also in openvassd.messages i can’t see any attempt to run any test from family “Windows: Microsoft Bulletins”