MHD errors


I have installed openvas on a debian operating system. Every services are running and I can scan targets. An issue happens when the scan is done : the report contains vulnerabilities but the scan severity is “N/A”. The /var/log/openvas/gsad.log log file contains a lot of error from MHD:

I have read on different subject that it can maybe be caused by a bad data base but I have done some research on that and I didn’t find anything. I have previously done the “openvasmd --rebuild” command, I don’t know if it’s linked.

My GSA configuration is the following : ExecStart=/usr/sbin/gsad --foreground --listen= --port=9392 -mlisten= --mport=9390

Does someone has already had this kind of issues?

Thanks in advance.


please provide information about used versions as well.
Did you use github sources to install? What debian OS are you using? Can you see suspicious entries in gvmd.log too?

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Sounds like the outdated and end-of-life GVM-9 as GVM-10+ is shipping gvmd. Please update to a more recent GVM-10 or even GVM-11:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your help! I have installed GVM 11 but I keep having this issue :

Does someone can help me ?

Just a simple question, do you have any issue besides this error messages in the log file?

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Thanks you for your answer.

  • In openvas.log I don’t have any issue.
  • In gvmd.log, I have an issue with /tmp/ospd.sock, this socket isn’t created so gvmd can not connect to it. I have not already found how to solve this issue.
    When I do the following command, I got this issue:

I don’t know if MHD errors can come from this one :confused:
Thank you !

No they aren’t. MHD messages are raised by the libmicrohttpd which is used in our web server gsad. They are raised during answering http requests and can be ignored (most of the time).

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This has been reported in /tmp/ospd.sock not found too. Please follow that topic.

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Thanks again,

I will follow that :slight_smile: