Meaning of Hosts (x of y) in reports?

Warning, probably dumb question incoming…

When I open a Report (Scans -> Tasks -> click on date in Last Report column), it shows a number of tabs at the top that start with Information, Results (a of b), Hosts (x of y) and so on. Can someone explain what the exact meaning and the implications of this (x of y) are?

For example, I have a report where this is (12 of 27). The 27 is correct, there are 27 IPs in the target for this scan, and the Information tab shows “Hosts scanned 27”, but the Hosts tab shows only 12.

There are IPs in this target that should be considered alive by the Scan Config Default test because I can ping them manually (right?), but they don’t appear in the Hosts tab of the report. I also made sure they are permitted by the Host Access config for my account. If I set up an extra target and a scan for one of these IPs, I get back a report for this single IP.

What could be the reason there are only 12 out of 27 results visible?

GVM versions

gsad: Greenbone Security Assistant 21.04.0
gvmd: Greenbone Vulnerability Manager 21.4.0
openvas-scanner: OpenVAS 21.4.0
gvm-libs: 21.4.0


Operating system: CentOS Linux release 8.3.2011
Kernel: Linux 4.18.0-240.22.1.el8_3.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Apr 8 19:01:30 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
**Installation method / source:**Atomic yum repo:
OSPd-openvas.x86_64 @atomic
atomic-heimdal-libs.x86_64 7.5.0-8.el8 @atomic
atomic-heimdal-runtime.x86_64 7.5.0-8.el8 @atomic
greenbone-security-assistant.x86_64 @atomic
gvm.noarch @atomic
gvm-libs.x86_64 @atomic
gvmd.x86_64 @atomic
openvas-scanner.x86_64 @atomic
openvas-smb.x86_64 @atomic

Which results are visible at the report details page depends on the filter. For example by default all log results are not included. To get all results you need to adjust the filter (changing log levels and min qod will do the most).


Thanks a ton, bricks. Now the results make a lot more sense to me :slight_smile:

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