Manual Feed Sync and container setup

Hi, while using the suggested community docker-compose file and adding the greenbone-feed-sync. I encountered some issues which occur because of how the compose file is made.
The manual update feed is using the /var/lib/openvas/feed-update.lock file which is missing from the greenbone-feed-sync container. I fixed that in my environment by replacing all volume mounts to file system mounts and not only to the plugin folder:
– /OpenVasDate/var/lib/openvas:/var/lib/openvas

Maybe it would also work to add just a temp bind for openvas folder (and create a feed-update.lock file in it) and leave the openvas/plugin volume as it is.

While testing my trial key I encountered a second issue encountered is that greenbone-feed-sync checks /etc/gvm/greencone-enterpise-feed-key if it exists (here you store your key).
In this container there is no such folder. I also fixed this with volume mount to /etc/gvm folder.
So maybe adding a new volume for /etc/gvm which would be added to ospd-openvas and greenbone-feed-sync ?

Also ssh client is missing in the docker container and you get “rsync: [Receiver] Failed to exec ssh: No such file or directory (2)”.
This is solved by installing a ssh-client


I’ve already wrote this in your PR for the greenbone-feed-sync repository. Using an enterprise key with the Greenbone Community Containers while technically possible is not supported and at the moment it wont be supported.

Of course to can use an override compose file and just mount your key from the docker host into the directory of the container. And yes a reliable manual sync requires to mount the two feed lock files into the greenbone-feed-sync container. This is currently missing in the docs.

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