Manager w/ Remote Scanner(s) In 2022


Two-part question.

Part 1. What’s the happy path to creating a manager/scanner setup in 2022/2023?
I’ve spent a good amount of time experimenting with this setup and got pretty close but snagged on certificate stuff. Most of the posts I’ve found about creating a manager/scanner setup are dated, is something like this still the way?

`So to conclude I would say master / slave architecture with GSE somehow works, but you must be prepared to spent a lot of time on it, in particular to stop & restart tasks, restart scanners, etc… I wouldn’t consider this stable at all, although again it somehow works.

If you’re still interesting to have a master / slave setup, drop a reply and I’ll explain you how.`

Part 2. What’s the happy path to getting gvm up and running in 2022/2023?
apt install openvas on kali like this?

Ultimately, I was hoping to use the manager/scanner to scale horizontally but now I’m considering horizontal scaling using only managers due to the difficulty of setting up the manager/scanner.

Thanks for any help or insight!

I have same question. Anyone that can provide a step by step setup for a slave?