Management reporting

I started using GCE and it works just fine for techies. The only thing which would make life easier is if there is some form of management reporting. The [scans][reports] screen is is good start, but there is a request to have it a bit extended. eg the trend of the average score over the last 12 months. Not per host, just per task and over all tasks will do :wink:
Just as well as totals per vunrebility. They don’t need to know which servers are “Microsoft IIS Web Server End Of Life” or “Microsoft SQL Server End Of Life” etc etc, just how many, and does it decrease.
Idea’s are welcome
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Have you tried adding the graph “Chart: Reports with high results” to the dashboard
Web GUI > Dashboard > “Add new Dashboard Display” button ?

This might be what you are looking for. You can even add several with a filter on each that filters for a specific task.

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Thnx for the suggestion, looks like that might work!
(Sorry for the late response.)

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