Manage_update_nvt_cache_osp: failed to get scanner_version

Hi, I installed from the current Version 11 stable release tarballs yesterday, and have everything
running. But the web UI says there are zero NVTs available, and the gvmd.log has this same error
set going in every few seconds. Kinda baffled, since this release is supposed to the fix (#226) in
it. Must be something else, hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks!

lib  osp:WARNING:2020-06-16 16h48.24 utc:10773: osp_get_vts_version: element VTS missing.
md manage:WARNING:2020-06-16 16h48.24 utc:10773: manage_update_nvt_cache_osp: failed to get scanner_version

GVM versions

gsa: 9.0.1
gvm: 9.0.1
openvas-scanner: 7.0.1
gvm-libs: 11.0.1


Operating system: Ubuntu 18
Kernel: 4.15.0-101-generic #102-Ubuntu

Sound similar: