Manage_update_nvt_cache_osp: failed to connect to /opt/gvm/var/run/ospd.sock

I followed this guide to install GVM 11 on CentOS 8:

All is good until the very last step:

gvmd --verify-scanner=08b69003-5fc2-4037-a479-93b440211c73
Failed to verify scanner.

I noticed that I keep getting this error in my /opt/gvm/var/log/gvm/gvmd.log file:

manage_update_nvt_cache_osp: failed to connect to /opt/gvm/var/run/ospd.sock

and actually file /opt/gvm/var/run/ospd.sock is not present.
Can you please help me fix this?

Thanks and best regards

If /opt/gvm/var/run/ospd.sock is not available ospd-openvas is not running or the user running gvmd has no permissions to access the unix socket.

The linked guide uses end-of-life versions of the GVM components. We provide a source build documentation for Debian bases systems at

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