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Hello -

Looking to edit the default login page for version 7.x but it appears to be different (a lot) than version 6.x. Has anyone changed the style, login text, display of the login page in version 7 or can anyone point me in the right direction? I only find info online for version 6 but it does not apply anymore by the looks of it. I am unsure what files to be changing as regardless of what I change to test, the login page never really changes.

Looking to change both HTML and CSS of the login page. Maybe even the style if I can of the user interface as a whole too.


Are you intending to remove the term “Greenbone” and the Greenbone branding from the Web-UI and replace it by your own?

Or do you have a technical challenge (browser compatibility?) with the login page and need to adjust it?
In the latter case please feel free to create an issue for the gsa github repository.

Would like to add our branding and a list of contacts for abuse and complaints since we use this public facing with our clients. not in need to remove greenbone copyright info, but would like to use our own style sheet and custom login page pointing to the /omp form.

What you are planning to do falls into the definition of "uncoordinated integrations” as described here:

We do not support such integrations.

Please seek for legal advice with your lawyers whether you can remove the Copyright of Greenbone for the Web-UI. And fix the typo in your dialog.

I am not sure I understand your reply. I stated in my post that we are NOT looking to remove the Greenbone copyright, so I am not sure what I am seeking legal advice on or what my typo is.

I simply posted this to see if anyone had info. Are you saying I cant do it legally?

Changing the sources of any of our components always requires to publish your changes and to mention the copyright owners. This is a requirement of the GPL. Otherwise you are violating the license.

That is not a problem at all. I guess the way Jan said that was not clear.

That said - I understand it is ‘not supported’ but is there anything published to point me in the direction of what files control that layout?

The screenshot you posted (and withrdrew meanwhile) was what I looked at. The screenshot seemed to suggest a change of Copyright. And also that dialog showed the typo I was mentioning.

Anyway, glad to see that your are not planning to hide our name as actual developer/maintainer of the Web-UI.