Log all the information of launching and not launching tests in openvas log file

How can I change the configuration files of latest openvas version such that I can see which tests are launching and which are not launching and time taken by each one in the log files. For example, in the old openvas version, we can set a parameter in openvas conf file - log all plugins to true and then we can see all the plugin details while running a scan in openvassd.messages.

Hi @manasa-ummadi :slight_smile:

According to this https://github.com/greenbone/openvas-scanner/blob/openvas-scanner-6.0/INSTALL.md#setting-up-openvas-scanner

it’s not set up by default, but you can create a configuration file to be used and set the the parameters. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I changed the configurations and set to max by setting


in all the conf files - gsad conf log, gvmd conf log and openvas conf log. But I cannot see what scripts are loading, launching and not launching during a scan. How can I see that particularly?

Hi @manasa-ummadi, I’ll look around and try to find out.


The scanner setting you are looking for is called log_whole_attack which can be added like this to your openvas.conf:

log_whole_attack = yes

The location of the file itself depends on your installation method and can be found via openvas -s | grep config_file. If the file doesn’t exist it can be created at the related location.

Afterwards all info will be logged to either your syslog or the openvas.log (again depending on your configuration in the openvas_log.conf which should be found side by side to the openvas.conf previously mentioned).

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