appears down

the live demo site is at 19 days
my GVMD_DATA is at 53 days
am I broken, is the demo site broken, or are we all broken?

(NVT, SCAP, CERT feeds all OK)

We have identified an issue with as well as where the feed data is not up-to-date and are currently working to fix this.

There is no general problem with the feed however. For your specific setup this needs to be analyzed further. Note that if you are customer, please contact us at

If not, which type and version of our product are you using?

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This problem is fixed now. The Greenbone Security Feed for both of these systems is now up-to-date again.


Thanks Martin- i see the demo site is now good. as i am one of those community “freeloaders”, i will wait and see my rults over the next 24 hours.

Please do note that there is / was no general problem with the feed itself. There was only a specific problem on these two demo instances which had to be solved.

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