List of url or to whitelist in firewall for openvas update


I want to use openvas in the environment where there is no internet access. But i do need to update the nvd database before using openvas scan targets. Can you help me with the list of the urls or domain i need to use over firewall for whitelisting so that update can be smooth.
Im using:

/usr/sbin/openvasmd --update --verbose --progress
/usr/sbin/openvasmd --rebuild --verbose --progress

for update rebuild and different data sync.


“rsync://” is is only URL you need. Please keep in mind, only one TCP session at the time, proxy, nat and load-balancing are not supported with the community feed. It uses RSYNC native and not HTTP for transfer.


thanks Lukas. Only one machine will be using openvas and in serial matter. I hope issues with tcp session won’t be faced. thanks again.