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Hey everybody.

I’m just starting with vulnability scanner and took my first steps with greenbone (gvm 21.04.10).
So far it works fine.

Can you tell me the easiest and fastest way (scan configuration) to get a simple report listing OS + version and installed applications + version of each scanned device?

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @SandroP and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the Greenbone Manual, it might have more info than you need right now, but it goes into the various options for scanning and reports.

There is also a training and walkthrough available for getting started, the information for it is here:

(edit- the preview is in German but the link should go to the English version of the page)

Hope that helps!

Thank you @DeeAnn. :slight_smile:

I think I may have made my request a little vague. :sweat_smile:
I know the documentation and the basic functionality of greenbone. The scans also provide the corresponding results.

My question was rather to what extent you can configure a search in that way that only the OS and application are searched for.

If I only need this information, I don’t have to let the system run with unnecessary detections.

Since the abundance of scan options is enormous, I thought someone could tell me which parameters of a scan just provide this information without having to go through 100K NVTs. :sweat_smile:

Hi @SandroP

I think custom scan configurations will get you closer to what you’re looking for and help narrow things down. Here’s a thread with how to do it using specific CVEs and a link to the docs on custom configurations:

Hopefully that helps, if not please let us know. Thanks!

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After a long break, here’s a little update and a new question. Happy new year btw. :slight_smile:

I’ve configured the scan and got the diseired results.

The question now is how I can create a simple listing that shows me which operating system and which software is installed for each host. Like: Host-IP, Hostname, OS, OS-Version, App1, App1-Version.

Do I have to rewrite the filter for this, or is there another way?

In this case, it is not about analyzing vulnerabilities, but about using Greenbone as a source of information.

Hi @SandroP and happy new year to you also :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’re looking for something to do a software inventory or audit, even when no vulnerabilities are found if I’m understanding correctly? I’m not sure if this can be done via report filtering but someone here might know how to just scan and output the list of everything.

I think that my “problem” is too uninteresting for the community to invest energy in it. :sweat_smile:

The necessary information are there. Hosts that do not have any vulnerabilities can also be displayed.
The results are summarized in the web report. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get me any further.

The only thing missing for me is the possibility of having this information output in a meaningful way.

It’s not uninteresting at all, I’m not sure anyone has just asked for it yet :smiley:

If you don’t find a way to do it and no one jumps in with a solution (because yep, it is there already) we can try to wishlist it.

Maybe i’m misunderstanding the initial request but if you want to get this information from within the GSA and not in a separate downloadable report this should be already possible:

  1. via Assets->Operating Systems you get a full overview over all identified OS systems and their versions across all scans
  2. via Scans->Reports->Specific Report->“Operating Systems” tab you get a overview over all identified OS systems and their versions in this specific report
  3. via Scans->Reports->Specific Report->“Applications” tab you get a overview over all identified applications (in form of CPEs) and their versions in this specific report

Nr. 3 is currently not implemented via the Assets menu so this can be only looked up in specific reports.

Some additional links to the manual for what i have described above:

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