Limited scan result!

hello, I have doubts with the scanner, we get that when scanning network segments, class C, the result is limited to only one thousand vulnerabilities

Current Versions.

openvasmd --versionOpenVAS Manager 7.0.2
Manager DB revision 184

openvassd --version
OpenVAS Scanner 5.1.1

the file by default


I have no knowledge of what is happening, the scan was executed in 3 segments of red

There is some configuration that limits your scanning (/etc/openvas/openvassd.conf) ?


please try to choose the correct categories and update to the recent versions of the components as already advised in the topic below. Without updated components you’re probably hitting a variant of Community feed unusable - Greenbone Community Edition - Greenbone Community Forum.

explanatory, I’m using omp

–When extracting the report I only throw a maximum of one thousand vulnerabilities (lines)–

this is the solution

Changing the Maximum Number of Rows per Page

The maximum number of rows returned by the OMP “GET” commands, like GET_TARGETS,
is controlled by the OMP setting “Max Rows Per Page”. This setting is an upper
limit on the number of resources returned by any GET command, regardless of the
value given for “rows” in the command’s filter.

The default value for “Max Rows Per Page” is 1000. 0 indicates no limit.

This setting can not be changed via OMP. However, the openvasmd option
–modify-setting can be used to change it.

$ openvasmd --modify-setting 76374a7a-0569-11e6-b6da-28d24461215b \
            --value 0


please always try to provide such information initially which helps other readers to better understand your issue.

And please don’t use omp anymore. Instead use gvm-cli from gvm-tools

omp is deprecated, unmaintained and may not work with current GVM/OpenVAS releases.

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