Lifespan of a virtual appliance

Hello there,

we are considering buying a virtual appliance, e.g. the GSM ONE.
However, we are wondering about the lifespan of such an appliance.

Looking at we see, that GOS 21.04 will be supported - but will future OS releases be supported at well? Will there be an EOL of the appliance itself, independent of the OS-version?

Or is buyin the virtual appliance a one-time-shot, and the only recurring thing is to buy subscriptions every 1, 3 or 5 years?

Thank you in advance,
best regards

Hello Patrick!

There are no plans to phase out or to otherwise limit the GSM ONE model.

If you have a valid subscription, your GSM ONE will receive future GOS upgrades beyond GOS 21.04. Also tied to your subscription are the regular Greenbone Security Feed updates, as well as access to the official Greenbone support.