Lib kb_redis-CRITICAL ** error on running openvas-setup in ubuntu 18.04 LTS

(openvassd:20384): lib kb_redis-CRITICAL **: 13:22:56.941: get_redis_ctx: redis connection error: connection refused

(openvassd:20384): lib kb_redis-CRITICAL **: 13:22:56.942: redis_new: cannot access redis at ‘/tmp/redis.sock’

(openvassd:20384): lib kb_redis-CRITICAL **: 13:22:56.942: get_redis_ctx: redis connection error: connection refused
openvassd: no process found

Got the above error after installing openvas in ubuntu 18.04 using sudo apt install openvas and then sudo openvas-setup. I could not find a proper solution to this in the community. Please help. Thank you in advance.

This is not related to the community edition, please check out FAQ first before posting:

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@Lukas I apologize for the mistake. Could you please tell me which category should I use for this?

And could anyone also give me a proper set of steps to install openvas in centos 8. Thank you in advance.

Hi @das,

It seems you have not installed/configured Redis. Take a look at this document, which will probably help.


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Hi @jjnicola,

Thank you so much for your help. I had to create the file openvassd.conf in /etc/openvas/ and add the following:
kb_location = /var/run/redis/redis-server.sock
And it worked.

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