LDAPS Configuration - LDAP authentication failure: Can't contact LDAP server

Sorry, I could not find a good topic for this question. We are trying to configure LDAPS authentication on our CE edition of OpenVAS. However I’m not sure exactly where the issue is. The system does appear to recognize our CA. Our PKI Server is not located on our domain controller.

I am unsure of the user account that it would be trying to use to access AD as this has to be an authenticated account for Windows AD. Should this information be specified somewhere else?

LDAP Host = Domain Controller IP
Auth DN = %s@sbmgroup.local

CA Certificate
Activation: 2016-09-12T16:34:43Z
Expiration: 2024-12-13T06:33:04Z
MD5 Fingerprint: 52:db:6a:63:5a:74:18:a8:51:4a:b9:d1:1c:a7:6e:50
Issued by: DC=local,DC=sbmgroup,CN=SBMGROUP Root CA

However when trying to login we are getting these errors in the log.

lib ldap:WARNING:2019-12-19 19h38.08 utc:3928: StartTLS failed, trying to establish ldaps connection.
lib ldap:WARNING:2019-12-19 19h38.08 utc:3928: LDAP authentication failure: Can’t contact LDAP server.
md omp:WARNING:2019-12-19 19h38.08 utc:3928: Authentication failure for ‘cwhitaker.admin’ from unix_socket

This is not related to the Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP) so i have moved this into the correct category.

Thanks for sharing your solution, it was marked as such.

Thank you. I had a hard time determining which category to put my questions under. Any recommendations? Is GSE the proper category for my version?

If you’re unsure please have a look at the category description at the forums overview or into the pinned topics like About the Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP) category where this topic was created first. For example the initial chosen category is about the GMP protocol which is the API to interact with a GVM installation, LDAP is completely unrelated to this API and so that category doesn’t fit for this kind of questions.