LDAP login not possible Docker

Hello everyone,
I have installed Greenbone on Docker Container. However, it is essential that the instance has an LDAP connection for our users. So I have entered everything exemplary in the LDAP settings. I was surprised because I made a typo the first time I entered it, but it accepted it anyway. I then corrected it, even deleted the containers again and restarted them. As a test, I created a user with my AD name and LDAP authentication. Unfortunately, a login did not work. I would like to share the log, but apart from the credentials not being accepted, it doesn’t give me any output (not even when setting up LDAP)
My questions:

  1. is it even possible to start LDAP in the Docker environment?
  2. what else can I check?

For me I checked my logs if I had to guess your probaly having the same issues as me where you are having ssl issues

Like I wrote, when I enter docker-compose logs -f there aren’t any logs about the LDAP-setting.

Did you go to /var/log/gvm in the docker container itself?

It works now. I entered the wrong LDAP-setting.
Now it looks like this:
|LDAP Host|foobar.local|
|Auth. DN|FOOBAR%s|
|Issued by|DC=local,DC=Foobar,CN=foobar-Root-CA|
|Use LDAPS only|Yes|