LDAP integration login


I have OpenVAS 22.04 on Rocky Linux 9 installed. I tried to configured LDAP login but it can’t works. It says that the configuration was successfully, I created the user with the ldap login option but when I try to login with it, it fails. Here is the log info in gsad.log:

gsad gmp:WARNING:2024-06-14 11h40.19 GMT:1995380: Authentication failure for ‘sergio.agudo’ from Status was 2.

Here is info of gvmd.log:

libgvm util:WARNING:2024-06-14 11h40.19 utc:2935769: StartTLS failed, trying to establish ldaps connection.
libgvm util:WARNING:2024-06-14 11h40.19 utc:2935769: LDAP anonymous authentication failure: Can’t contact LDAP server
md gmp:WARNING:2024-06-14 11h40.19 utc:2935769: Authentication failure for ‘sergio.agudo’ from unix_socket

I don’t find any LDAP configuration on the server so that maybe changing what method to use (LDAP or LDAPS)., but neither of them works. I attach a pic showing the configuration that I have on web and also the user configuration. I have other systems configured with LDAP so it should be work. Have I a wrong configuration?

Probably you need more information, so tell me to provide to the topic.

Thanks in advance, regards.

Could someone help me with this? Thanks in advance.

Have you followed instructions available in the Official Documentation for Setting up LDAP for centralized authentication?

If you have other systems configured with your LDAP server, you should be aware of whether it’s using StartTLS or LDAPS. :thinking: Are you sure the route is not blocked by firewall between GVM and LDAP server?