Latest version Virtual Appliance

When will there be a new Virtual Appliance released with the 20.08 version? The 6.x iso version is EOL in 2 weeks.

How do you come to this conclustion ? GCE is following the Greenbone Release schedule, please check here:

I downloaded the GCE VM iso and installed it on VMware. The iso name is gsm-ce-6.0.10.iso and also in the web gui it says:

Greenbone Security Manager

Greenbone OS 6.0.10

The life cycle page states that its EOL 2020-08-31 for v 6.x

Or do i see it wrong?

At 2020-08-31 a new GOS version will be released (GOS 20.08). At this date GOS 6 will be declared end-of-life too.

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Oke, so will there be a new ISO released then?

We will publish an ISO image of the Greenbone Community Edition 20.08.0 on, or shortly after, 2020-08-31. I will post an announcement as soon as it is released.

Edit: In the meanwhile the successor to the GCE has been released, the GSM TRIAL. For more information see here:


How can we follow Community Edition releases? Is there an RSS or mailing list?

Is the GOS 21.04.16 community edition available for download?

As I wrote at
we currently provide the a Greenbone Enterprise Trial VM and the source build guide for the community. The Greenbone Enterprise Trial VM from is the former Greenbone Community Edition VM. It just got renamed.