Kali: "Scan interrupted at 98%" for multiple scan attempts of a larger subnet. Upped memory to 32GB with a 32GB swap but OOMKiller keeps taking redis-server out every time

As per the title redis-server continuously kills the scan at 98% likely towards the end of the scan where data is being organized and a report is being put together.

This host has also been given a 32GB swapfile on itself for some last-resort options which also maxes out.

Is there any way around this such as using the disk for an albeit much slower but stable completion of the task? I’m not in a position where I can throw more memory at this VM.


Setting sysctl -w vm.overcommit_ratio=40 vm.overcommit_memory=1 where 40 is the size of its SWAP in gigabytes was enough to complete a report. Our team are looking into a different solution.

This has resolved the issue for me.


If you run such big jobs, a Kali is definitive not the right platform for you.

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This is an empty response. Distro doesn’t mean anything here.

OpenVAS failing to manage its usage properly for large reports. This has nothing to do with distro as the result was the same on Ubuntu and Archlinux post install.

Kali happens to install it with minimal configuration. I don’t want to stray the discussion from the real problem here.

For that reason the appliance is using GOS a operating system tuned to work perfect with GVM.
All off the shelf generic Distros needs to be fine tuned for big operations, that was here obviously not the case due to the wrong kernel parameter :wink:

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