Kali Linux RDP build 2023.2

Can someone direct me to get support within Kali. I have tried for hours to get RDP working off of a fresh Hyperv Kali 2023.2 image and am not able to get xrdp working.

Ive done the following and other things to and even deleted the VM and recreated

adduser tdh Add a user for remote login. Set a password and other info.

usermod -aG sudo tdh Get an updated list of installable packages

apt-get update Get an updated list of installable packages

apt-get upgrade Upgrade packages

apt-get install xrdp Install the RDP server

systemctl start xrdp Start the base XRDP server

systemctl start xrdp-sesman Start the XRDP session manager

You can enable XRDP to start automatically on boots with the following commands:

systemctl enable xrdp

systemctl enable xrdp-sesman

You should go the the correct forum to find support:



this topic is completely unrelated to our software. @rippledj already pointed out where you can find some help. Therefore I am closing it.

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