Kali linux pdf issues - new solution to new version


Trying to fix this issue for all people that are intrested:


  1. install fresh kali (rolling rlease, latest)
  2. install gvm (apt install -y gvm)
switch to _gvm user
su - _gvm -s /bin/bash
# sync gvmd data
greenbone-feed-sync --type GVMD_DATA
#download script to fix pdf issue and run it
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EeroV/greenbone-patches/main/fix-pdf-gen-kali-latest.sh
chmod +rx fix-pdf-gen-kali-latest.sh
# run it

and then do the usual stuff like
(exit to root)

This is a bit complex, but ask if any help needed!

Some notes. Fix breaks if you sync GVMD_DATA - working for permanent solution.
latex.xsl is now base64 coded, so you cannot edit it “manually on easy way”.


There is also patched version of patched version of greenbone-feed-sync


Update from package maintainer:


Thanks for your email and your patch.
If I understand correctly the “real” issue was not in gvmd but in texlive-latex-extra.
We have a new version of texlive-latex-extra since 2 days. I think it fixes the issue. At least I don’t reproduce the issue.
Please let me know if you still have the issue.

FYI, I’m working to update gvm* to version 22.4. I hope it will be available soon in kali-rolling


Not sure what’s the point in trying to patch some Greenbone internal code while it has been mentioned a few times in (kali) Pdf report is empty while other format (cvs, xml) are ok that the buggy LaTeX package should be fixed instead by the responsible maintainer of that package.

Now that the buggy LaTeX package seems to already got fixed maybe we can add a disclaimer to the first topic that these changes are not required anymore?