Kali linux and OpenVAS

i am not sure if this is the right location, none of them seem to be correct, but i would like to install Open Vas at Kali. I tried several tutorials from Google but none of them seem to work.
Any one who can provide me with a correct tutorial?
Many thanks.

This forum is not really about Kali but maybe apt install gvm will work? Please ask in the Kali forum for further details of the installation process because we (the Greenbone developers) are not aware of such details and aren’t involved in Kali in any kind.

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I’m using Kali 2020.2 and did the following commands:

apt install gvm
cd /usr/bin/
sudo su
gvm start

It worked fine, but after the first reboot, the system was not working anymore. I figured out, that redis-server was the problem. So, I started redis-server first and did gvm-start after that.

To start redis server do this:

systemctl start redis-server

Please watch for errors after running gvm-start. I my case gsa was not running properly.

To be honest, I switched back to my install with GVM-20.08 on an Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS. It is more stable and is running without problems:


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Hi deheugden,

By default openvas is pre-install in Kali linux but you need to run the command sudo gvm-setup in order to have it working. Please see this video for deep instructions How to install OpenVas in Kali Linux and also for complete understanding, i suggest you to go to this website OpenVas configurations

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