(Kali) Issues logging into the GVM GUI (worked fine in the past)

I have an install of GVM running on Kali linux totally fine for sometime now. Then suddenly this weekend it stops allowing me to login and I noticed this in the GSAD.log.

gsad gmp:WARNING:2022-09-19 09h56.01 utc:75335: Authentication failure for ‘’ from

The IP address is my own IP address and normally if I had typed in the wrong password here going on previous logs I would expect a username in here. Except I reset the password from the command line and it still will not allow me to login. It also does not let me create new users as it says invalid characters in the username. I suspect it is because somehow it sees a blank user name? Fully updated Kali and fully updated GVM. Really not sure at what point it did this. Scans are still running perfectly ok except I cannot get into the GUI to see them. Anyone got any ideas? Or is it best to wipe the install and reinstall? Oh and it looks as if going on the logs this happened in the past couple of days and it seemed to coincide when I updated Kali to the latest release.



Oh and GSAD version 21.4.4

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This is very likely related to the last Kali upgrade which seems to have introduced various issues like currently discussed in:

Thanks! Does indeed look similar. Ok will follow it on that thread as if I could create a new user, then I think all would be good. Which currently is not possible. It has been working fine for years and just suddenly within the past couple of days it broke. So far as I am concerned this can be closed on that basis. As I can also run check-setup and it says all is good.