Job for gvmd.service failed because a timeout was exceeded


I am installing openvas on Ubuntu 22.04.

when I run command #systemctl restart gvmd, it just returns: job for gvmd.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.

In the status of: gsad.service , ospd-penvas.service, postgresql.service , I can see that all them are Active.

My gvm version:22.4.2
Manager DB revision 250
License: AGPL-3.0-or-later

Please anyone can help me solve this problem with gvmd.service?

Thank you since now!

Can you please share your installation method? What instructions are you following?

Thank you Rippledj, for this feed-back.

I am following this tutorial:

When running the command # systemctl restart gvmd.service, I could perceive that there is some error with postgresql instalation and configuration, so that gvm service is not running.

I can’t find a working source list to add to
my /etc/apt/sources.list, so that the update gives error to find postgresql repository .

I’m not experienced on postgresql Installation and config, so that I still need a easy tutorial to do it.

Thanks for your atention!!

I’ll point out that this repository (ppa:mrazavi) is not provided by Greenbone and you must contact the maintainer of the repository to address any problems with it. Alternatively I suggest using Greenbone’s officially supported install methods as outlined in our community docs.

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Thank you Rippledj!

I will do all again, acconding to the new intructions in the link you sent, and I will be back to share the results.

See you!

Hi again, Rippledj!

According to the documents I found in the link, Debian burst is the recomended O.S. However, I see that Debian Burst has became outdated, and it is in the end of support. So, is it still recomended to use it (debian burst) to proceed our installation, or we can use debian 12 insted?