Issue with privileges (gsad, gvmd) - "Can't open PID file /run/..."

I’ve encountered issues after invoking such commands:

after invoking the same, but for the gsad:

How to fix that? everything runs as root, and I’ve done everything as in official guide. Please help!

PS. The web gui works fine, and the results of the scans seems reliable. Nevertheless problems still appears and I don’t think it should be there.

And btw why do gsad/gvmd needs to open PID file?

As these services are daemons, it should be made sure, that these only run once. Also a common praxis for daemons, e.g. to stop themselves. It basically only stores its pid in the file.

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@v3rtx sounds like permission problem to /run/x (replace x, with name of daemon)

you probably forgot something related to permissions.