Issue with full and fast scan

Hello, I am having a problem that I cannot pinpoint.
All I can tell is that the scans are not complete, it will only show a few logs per servers, and I’m certain that these have moderate to severe issue.
My installation was not straightforward, I did a setup with a non upgraded system so that it used postgres12, but as soon as gvm updated I had to switch to postgres13 (disabling 12 and editing the configuration file of postgres13 to use the correct port -that is a value of one below default settings).
Now I have a working environment, can connect to the web interface, and clearly see all data are loaded, it lets me scan and seems like all is operational, but it goes very fast, much faster that when I had results.
I tried --rebuild and --rebuild-scap with no sucess.
EDIT: is there a way to simply reset the gvm installation ?

This only happens if GSA hasn’t access to some data unexpectedly. Most likely this is some issue with the gvmd backend daemon. Please take a look at the gvmd.log file somewhere in /var/log.

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Thanks for answering. Concerning the reporting issue, I have a:
No generate script found at /var/lib/gvm/gvmd/report_formats/task_id/generate
I think I am missing other files like the port scanner.

I have an issue with gvmd datas, pretty sure about it.
When listing data_objects in /var/lib/gvm, there are version 20.08 and 21.04. I removed these and did a GVMD_DATA sync yet the two versions still appear, and it doesn’t fix my issue.