Issue starting scan with task wizard

Hi together,

I wanted to start a scan by using the task wizard and entering the IP Address.

I got the message: Failed to find port_list ‘33d0cd82-57c6-11e1-8ed1-406186ea4fc5’

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue to be able to run the scan.

There have been a multiple of answers around this topic, the most recent one is e.g.:

This could also happen if e.g. the feed data wasn’t processed yet, depending on the specs of the used system / VM this might take up to one hour or more.

thank you cfi for the fast answer, I saw that there have been already some proposals so solve the issue. I already tried them and my last choice was to run sudo -u _gvm gvmd --rebuild-gvmd-data=all
With that command I got the output Failed to rebuild gvmd data: Feed owner not set or invalid while rebuilding configs.

This was the reason why I asked the question if anyone maybe had an alternate proposal.

Thanks for help in advance

I was now running again gvm-setup now it is working and the scan was successful.