Issue on scan?

Currently installed GVM 21 on ubuntu 18.04
i checked that the databases are updated but it shows on the scan N/A any idas?
im testing the scan to a windows 7 which purposely has many vulnerabilities which should show on high

Thank you

Had this issue, needed to spin up coulpe of kali laptops. Look at this issue . This helped me.

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Thanks for the reply, so from what i understand i need to checkbox the portscanner?

Make sure to only enable the following two VTs from the “Port scanners” family:

  • Ping Host (OID:
  • Nmap (NASL wrapper) (OID:

If enabling the whole “Port scanners” family you could run into various issues like e.g. too long scan times (due to multiple enabled port scanners) and similar.

Thanks for the reply something like this?

Yes, that looks good :+1:

so i was testing, internally it seems to scan but externally like websites that cannot ping it stays in N/A

Hello, please read the manual before asking simple questions. That way you find answer way faster and you can provide more concrete questions next time. Manual is really good


yes already read the part of the manual about scanning feature but what i dont understand how come internally i can scan but externally i keep getting N/A

Hello, can you ping your external target?

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the website cannot be ping but it can be accessed

Hi, you know the answer. Your target is not discovered. Read what manual says about target detection.

well, if i knew the answer i wouldn’t post back asking for help but eventually found the answer a post of 5 years ago, if i wanted to see the manual i wouldn’t even post here because already read that manual and in no part it says errors that relate to N/A
this post helped me guide to the alive test which THEN i read the manual to find where is the alive test in the target location, now that is helping instead of just pointing to the target detection section
even in
does not say anything about N/A and i tried filtering target detection in the manual did not say anything but because someone else on that forum post gave me the idea to check the alive test feature, that helped alot and solved my issue
now what im going to post is WHAT really helps other people instead of saying read the manual
if someone else gets the N/A and the target does not ping
go to targets then edit the target and make sure that its considered alive
also on the scan config on my previous photo should be configured

Well if you read the manual

and you are using not your own build installation all errors are for you to solve. This time it is not error but miss configuration on your side or not knowing how stuff works. First learn how it works then try to take over world. That is mine personal opinion.

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