Is openvas-nasl still available?

I’m trying to install openvas-nasl on Kali Linux to test a single NVT. Does this tool go by a different name or was it discontinued?

Both apt search openvas-nasl and apt search gvm-nasl find no packages.

openvas-nasl still exists/is named like this in the sources of openvas-scanner provided within GVM by Greenbone.

It might be possible that the Kali package maintainers are not building the tool at all or not directly in openvas-scanner (e.g. it might be shipped in Kali in some other package names).

If unsure how to find the correct package name in Kali the forums could help as this looks a packaging specific question related to Kali itself were Greenbone isn’t involved.

@cfi - Thank you!

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As a short follow-up, seems the openvas-scanner_21.4.4-0kali1_amd64.deb package is indeed shipping openvas-nasl as /usr/bin/openvas-nasl.

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