Is openvas manager and gvmd the same?


I am new to openvas and I am quite confused as to what is the difference of gvmd and openvas manager.

I have installed openvas the way that I get the installer in atomicorp and yum install it.

When I run openvas-check-setup --v9. it says that openvas manager is OK: OpenVAS Manager is present in version 7.0.2.

I am now confused if this is just a naming convention, since I am looking at this in github - and it says that I need to install gvmd since I get an error in running the command

$ gvmd --get-scanners


Just for clarification, I think what I have is the GCE right (Greenbone Community Edition)? and looking at past threads, there is comparison of GCE and GSM -
So everything in the github, will not be applicable to GCE? Is this correct?
and so to clarify, omp slave, osp scanner and openvas scanner will not work on the GCE?

Sorry for the questions, I am just trying to understand the architecture here.


currently we are in a transition phase of updating the branding towards more public visibility of Greenbone. Greenbone IS THE company behind OpenVAS since years but that wasn’t visible from the outside. Therefore we started to rename existing components which have been already developed and provided by Greenbone to use Greenbone in their names:

  • openvas-{nvt,certdata,scapdata}-sync => greenbone-{nvt,certdata,scapdata}-sync
  • Openvas Management Protocol (OMP) => Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP)
  • Open Vulnerability Assessment System (OpenVAS) => Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM)
  • OpenVAS Manager Daemon (openvasmd) => Greenbone Vulnerability Management Daemon (gvmd)

With the next version of GVM this transition will be completed

Only the first component from the original fork will stay in its name, the OpenVAS Scanner will not be renamed. Besides only renaming the other components the openvas-libraries have changed more drastically. We have removed and rewritten a lot of code so the new gvm-libs have not much in common with the old openvas-libraries and can be considered as a new component.


Btw. I’ve written some details about this at the new gvm-tools docs in the glossary


All code at is considered as the Greenbone Source Edition (GSE). This code is used and provided by third parties e.g. the different linux distributions. Of course this code is also part of our commercial appliances called GSM where we use an own linux distribution. The GSMs provide a lot of more additional enterprise ready functionalities. The Community Edition (GCE) is a pre-configured and slimmed down version of our virtual appliance GSM ONE. The GCE hasn’t the full feature set configurable in the GSE and is missing the enterprise functionally of the GSMs.

So back to your question of course is applicable to the GCE. But some features may be missing. AFAIK adding a OSP scanner would be possible with the GCE. But you have to do the setup and configuration by yourself which will likely differ from what we are providing with the GSM.


Okay, thank you very much Bricks for all the informations.

Have a great day!