Is notus-scanner invoked within gsad?

GVM versions
gsad: 22.06.1~git-9da9d7360-main
gvmd: 22.9.1~dev1~git-685b39cb8-main
gvm-libs 22.7.1~git-9b16eef7-main
openvas-scanner: 22.6.0
notus-scanner: 22.6.0
mosquitto: 1.6.9

Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04.4
Kernel: 5.4.0-163-generic

I’ve installed the latest Greenbone Version from the source code and all services are running successfully.
However, I’ve noticed that the notus-scanner is not appearing in the list of available scanners for scanning.

I start a scan task in gsad and I’m uncertain if the notus-scanner is actually working, as I couldn’t find any scan logs about notus.





Am i understaning wrong?

The Notus scanner is started automatically at the end of an OpenVAS scan, if it is enabled. It can be enabled and disabled in the scan config(s). It does not appear in the list of available scanners, this is expected behaviour.

See 6 Upgrading the Greenbone Enterprise Appliance to the Latest Major Version — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.17 documentation

When creating a scan configuration manually and the Notus Scanner is supposed to work, the VT Determine OS and list of installed packages via SSH login (OID: must be activated.

For the default scan config “Full and fast” it is enabled by default.


Thanks for your reply and i understand how the notus-scanner works.