Is it possible to migrrate results / reports / overrides, /notes / inventory from Enterprise Virtual Appliance to Community Edition


is it possible to export and migrate results like like scan reports, asset inventory, notes and overrides and vulns and scan results obtained using the licensed Greenbone OS CENO virtual appliance and then import/migrate those results into the GreeboneCommunity Edition interface so that we will retain the history of past scans, vulns, notes and overrides and assets CPEs etc… from the licensed virtual appliance in the community Edition?

Alternately what would happen to the licensed appliance if we just let it continue running after the licensed period ended? I seem to remember reading somewhere that it would automatically default t o the community edition feed if the license If so any advice you or documentation you could point me towards would be useful . The reason this would be suboptimal though is that the virtual appliance has system resources and spec hardcoded into the virtual appliance image .

Soi if i wanted to double the core count and memory i cant do that with the CENO virtual appliance, but i can do that with the community edition. So i was hoping to spin up a community edition instance on a rocky linux vm and import the reports, notes, orverrides, and aset library from our out going licensed version?

I am assuming it would require that the community edition instance we deploy would have to be set to use postgres just like the licensed version ?? Hopefully the version of community edition included in the atomicorp Rocky 9 repos supports this.

the background / reasoning is that :
Due to budget constraints we have had to let our Greenbone CENO virtual appliance license lapse, and increases in licensing costs have been too prohibitive to renew. As such we are planning to spin up a Rocky 9,3 VM and juse that to host an instance of Greenbone Community Edition from the atomicorp repos.


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One important note to this:

This repository seems to provide heavily outdated versions of the Greenbone software stack and shouldn’t be used in production until the repository maintainer is bumping the versions to more recent ones:

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I see. Is there a repo you can recommend that maintains a current version of the community edition scanner that isn’t EOL and is compatible with the the RedHat family of Linux distros? I’ve only tested it on ubuntu and kali myself but there is a strong preference for rocky alma or rhel for our production environment.


I am not aware of any up to date RPM packages. But you can always use the source build Building 22.4 from Source - Greenbone Community Documentation