Is it Possible To Import Nmap XML Into OpenVAS


I have searched this forum, read the users guide, and have searched the internet. I have located one post on security.stackexchance that claims they can import nmap xml output into openvas using the assistant. However, I have not figured it out. Also, I noticed someone on here has asked a similar question but nobody has answered it.

So I am hoping someone who knows this technology better than I can give me some advice or ideas.




currently only the Grepable format (.gnmap) of Nmap is supported to be imported. Please see the following documentation on how to import this file into the Nmap (NASL wrapper) - OID: VT so that the nmap results are used:

  • Do not scan targets not in the file : Only meaningful in conjunction with File containing grepable results.


  • File containing grepable results : Allows for the specification of a file in which line entries in the form of Host: IP address can be found. If the option Do not scan targets not in the file is set at the same time only systems contained in the file will be scanned.

I too have had the OP’s exact experience and in the documentation posted in this answer I still do not see where I am to import the gnmap output. Can you please advise? Thank you for your time.