Is it possible to force rsync only over ssh Port22 and not over 873?

Hello together,

I’m a newbie in linux and started with fedora33 because i should install gvm on my local VM to test it and later i should install it on a redhat server.
The Problem is the corporates firewall that blocks rsync. And I’m trying to find a workaround for that.

The download and installation was fine until sudo gvm-setup.
Is there a way i can force rsync only to use the secure ssh connection over Port22 or to change the rsync port completly, so it’s no longer Port:873?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @hamtinewb and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are using an external package (as Greenbone doesn’t provide the gvm-setup script) but are you maintaining/admining the corporate firewall? If not, this sounds like something that should go through them.

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Hey DeeAnn,

thanks for your response. I found online an openvas-scanner atomic rpm, and there was the gvm-setup for the configuration.
Unfortunately I have no access to the firewall maintenance.
Is there a greenbone openvas rpm for linux? ^^

Hi @hamtinewb,

We provide the source code, and then the distributions and/or projects provide the packages and additional scripts, but corporate firewall restrictions are nothing we can really help with (that is something you will need to work out with your administrator), sorry. Thanks for understanding.