Is it possible rename the PDF reports automaticly?


I have a general question about the pdf report files.

The reports are generated well, but I would to rename the pdf reports automaticly at the end of the file general procedure.
The name what I want is the current task name, for example Proxy_01.pdf instead of Report.pdf.
The best solution would be the task name and the scan date in the filename.

Is it possible somehow?

Hello Elbe,

you have several options for your default report names. Please have a look at the user settings sections in our manual under “Details Export File Name” for a list of placeholders that you can use.
%N-%C would give you the task name and the creation date of the report separated by a -.

Keep in mind though that you will need to set the “Report Export Filename” in the settings with the placeholders found in “Details Export File Name” paragraph.

Edit: You can also add your personal strings. scanreport-%N--Berlin_%C would result in something like scanreport-mytaskname--Berlin_20220509.pdf


Dear Steffen!

Thank you for your answer, the method is working well!

However, I have a related question.
How I can achieve the same solution when I use an alert-generated email, with pdf attach report? That pdf is gereated as Report.pdf, but I would use a previous filename format in the email attacment.

Is it possible too?

I don’t think this is possible for alert generated reports.


Ok, meanwhile I find an alternative way to resolve my problem: I use the SMB protocol method insted of email, and the file path value is %N-%C
It is can drop the expected name pdf report file to the correct SMB share.

That is, what I want really, but I just found out :laughing:

Thanks the help again!