Is HP-UX supported for installed packages CVE Vulnerability reporting?


I’m new to the solution and need to address the subject’s issue for a specific task at work and I was wondering if it’s possible to get a report of the CVEs applicable to a HP-UX host’s packages.

I only need to check wether the packages themselves have known CVEs, I don’t really need the rest of the functionality, and this would be done using the community edition.

Thanks for your help!


and welcome to this community forum.

The last package based checks for HP-UX got created in 2011:"HP-UX%20Local%20Security%20Checks"%20sort-reverse=created

so there is currently no (recent) support for this platform.

Thanks a lot for the information.

I actually leased an HP-UX 11.31 VM for a day, fed the Greenbone Cloud Trial with its root credentials and run several scans with vulnerable software versions inside the VM and it came back empty.

Well, I guess HP-UX is getting more and more obsolete.

Thanks again!