Invalid script_dependencies("gsf/gb_sap_gateway_detect.nasl") - Private nasl inside community feed

This should not be part of the community feed.

root@d209bc01ff49:/var/lib/openvas# grep -rnw ‘/var/lib/openvas/’ -e ‘gb_sap_gateway_detect’
/var/lib/openvas/plugins/unknown_services.nasl:106: script_dependencies(“gsf/gb_sap_gateway_detect.nasl”);

This is a valid dependency as it is protected by an “if” call:

  if(FEED_NAME == "GSF" || FEED_NAME == "SCM")

I see. Thanks for the quick response.

Out of interest have you seen any issues with this code / dependency?

No. We had an issue with our custom script that was trying to load a dependency. We are only on the community feed.

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