Interrupting at 0%

Cannot figure this out…

Trying to run scans from a kali VM in a LAN but it will not start the scan. Feed status says everything is current but this is the log output for any and all scans I try to run:


Running on a clean install of kali 2023.4 fully updated and installed using ‘apt install gvm’ and ‘gvm-setup’

‘gvm-check-setup’ output:
It seems like your GVM-23.11.0 installation is OK.


Please take a look at Start Here for existing troubleshooting guidelines and how to post messages in this forum. Screenshots are difficult to read so we kindly request that you post the terminal output in the proper format using backticks ``` {output} ``` before and after the stdout or code content.

Furthermore, I guess this issue could be caused because the vulnerability feed has not finished loading into the database. You can check the Administration -> Feed Status page to check the status of the feeds.