Interrupt at 0%

i use Kali on my raspberry pi and I update Greenbone gvm. But after this updates I receive an error with interrupt 0%. Is there some documentation how to resolve this.

i solve the problem with installing nsis.

To clarify:

The nsis package is only used for creating credential packages to be installed on a target host and doesn’t have any influence on anything around scanning a target itself.

It is more likely that the scan was started too early (the Interrupted at 0% message is a strong indicator for this) while the internal database of the scanner and/or manager was still created / rebuild and this was then finished in the time the research and installation of the nsis package was done.


  • Installing the nsis package is no solution for this message (for further readers)
  • When receiving the Interrupted at 0% message you need to wait longer until the database rebuild has been finished (can take quite some time up to an hour or longer, especially such low resource devices like the Raspberry PI)