Internal error: exec_omp_get:3113 (GSA 7.0.3)

Internal error: exec_omp_get:3113 (GSA 7.0.3)
An internal error occurred. Diagnostics: Could not authenticate to manager daemon.
Your options (not all may work): ‘Back’ button of browser | Assumed sane state | Logout

After pressing on “Assumed sane state” it gets back to Tasks Page. However, I have noticed it runs normally in the background despite the error message; kind of inconvenient though and maybe dangerous - I wouldn’t know…


Thank you in advance,
P. Leontios


as pointed out in you could:

  1. check if you can find any errors related to this in your openvassd.messages / openvasmd.log

  2. report a new issue in the respective issue tracker of the component if you have found the related errors

    1. openvasmd.log:
    2. openvassd.messages:

As the initial message includes “Could not authenticate to manager daemon.” the openvasmd.log could be the first log file to check.