Integration with Ticketing System

Hi there!
Did anyone integrate GSM VA results in Micro Focus Service Manager? (formerly know as Hewlett Packard Service Manager)
So far our plan is to use the Alert feature to save a xml-report to a smb share. Service Manager checks that share regularly for new reports. It fetches the report and somehow parses the xml-file to retrieve the hosts (and associate each with a CI) to open an incident. Incident severity could also be retrieved from the report. Somewhat more difficult might be how to add the report content (related to each host) to an incident for showing the incident’s recipient what’s the issue.

Do you have helpful hints or maybe already achieved what we are attempting?
Thank you very much!

Just create an alert and save the report as XML to the SMB share. If the scan is finished you can filter the results and export the relevant results as XML to this SMB share. It´s that simple. Other systems are using CVE but it´s almost the same with all of this management systems.

Hi Lukas,
thank you for you reply!
Getting the data out of the GSM ain’t the problem. I’m already using this for exporting in AXIS-Format for my SIEM.
My question is meant to be focusing on the ticketing system. Does anybody use HP Service Manager with GSM?

Maybe asking at a HP Forum, please keep us informed … a HOWTO here is really appreciated :wink:

My colleague (HPSM admin) is working on that end. I thought it was worth a try to ask around. We’re certainly not the only ones who want to automate the Scan>Report>Ticket process.
While the upcoming workflow feature in GOS 5.0 seems interesting, it doesn’t solve the issue with the Service Manager as our leading incident handling system which is used for all necessary compliance foo.