Integration CI/CD

Thank you for accepting me into the community.
I’m new to OpenVas and have some questions.

  • Is It possible to automate the OpenVas scan in a CI/CD development cycle in GitLab or Azure Devops for example?
    If so, is there any documentation I can refer to?
    And can I still see vulnerability reports in the openvas interface while doing CI/CD automation?
  • Can the OpenVas server I’m installing on my kali linux VM function as a client server? i.e. from my VM, link to a devélopper application on my host machine?
  • Can I run OpenVas tests on the command line?

thank you for your answers.

Welcome Joy,

You are looking for the API. How to use the API is documented within many posts as well how the command line works. Please check the posts within that forum here.

API and Documentation can be found here:

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Thank you for your reply. I have followed your suggestion to use the API. But I have the following error when executing the version command gvm-cli socket --xml “<get_version/>”
ERROR: gvmtools.cli:Socket /run/gvmd/gvmd.sock does not exist,
I followed the steps described in the following documentation: Installation of gvm-tools - gvm-tools.
I also did some google and stack overflow research but I’m not unblocked yet.
Thanks so much.


did you start the full stack of the Greenbone Community Edition within the CI? I suspect you just tried to run gvm-cli without having gvmd running at the same machine.