Installing on a ProxMox VM

Has anyone had any success setting up GCE on a ProxMox VM? I am able to boot up the ISO, but the installation fails every time. I have the settings matching the requirements, but it just won’t install. Anyone have any thoughts?

Greenbone gets confused and thinks it’s running on VMWare. Use these exact settings:

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 12.29.32 PM

SCSI controller being swapped to the vmware variant and using the SCSI controller for disks fixes the installation issue.

You also need to swap out the network interface, greenbone doesn’t understand the default E1000.

You’ll need to give the box ‘real’ memory/cpu, however that’s irrelevant for this issue.

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It is simply not supported, you can install it on Oracle Virtual Box and VMWare-Player. Both are available for free for private and non-commercial use.
Other hypervisor are not supported and might fail.

The instance running on Proxmox in my basement seems to disagree with you.

Installs, updates with the community feed, and scans without issue as long as you swap out most of the emulated devices for VMWare variants, as listed above.

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@cfec71a434a6161b9f7c Thanks for the tips. I’ll be trying the install again tonight.

Not supported does not mean, it does not work. Greenbone simply:

  • Does not test it.
  • Does not take care during programming and production to ensure that it will be continue to work.
  • Can not offer any type of support, if something goes wrong.

Free software gives anyone the freedom to run, improve and support the source edition on your environment, but for Greenbone it is NOT on our roadmap.

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Unforeseen circumstances delayed my testing, but I did want to report that your advice worked perfectly. I now have a working installation for my home network.

Setting up a separate machine with VMWare or Virtualbox, just to install GCE just didn’t make any sense. If I were to do that, I may as well just be setting up a separate machine to install GCE on, and I didn’t want to do that.

The settings you gave work perfectly for getting it running on my ProxMox setup.

Thanks again for the help.