Installing is so hard and frustrating

i tried installinf this watching 3 videos on youtube yet i wasnt able to do question i have downloaded files from mikesplain mike plaing what ever you call it after downloading when i went to login page it keeps on loading even after entering corrrect details this is sooooo disturbing and frustrating and when i downloded using commands i keep on running systemcl openvas service not working bullshit check journal xce something just please help me give commands for installing like giving cmmands to infant help me also please tell me why is it taking so long to login and and i use 1 cpu using oracle box for kali


I am sorry you had bad experiences with installing OpenVAS. There are too many outdated and insufficient instructions out there. Also many resources like the docker containers from mikesplain are using unsupported end-of-life versions of our software. But that’s part of Free Software/Open Source.

If you need a reliable way for installing the Greenbone Community Edition (aka. OpenVAS) take a look at our official docs. This guide is maintained and updated regularly. Also we try to give hints about troubleshooting the rough edges of our software.


Don’t be sorry bro somehow I managed to installed it and run scanner I want to know should I install again officially by reading docs or is that enough? I also want to should I go for nessus or nessesus whatever we call it just guide me and since I have installed using mikesplain in that everything is up to date or should I have to do something

As mentioned previously this docker image is heavily outdated / has end of life versions and shouldn’t be used in production. The user experiences when using such outdated versions might also vary.

Alternative options how to install the product (either via official and up2date Docker images or build from source) have been given previously.


You should review the community docs carefully. The requirements also clearly show that more than one CPU core is required.

If you want to avoid frustration, I advise sticking to the officially supported installation methods and reading the official documentation. Also, if you are having trouble with compute resources, you should try the Greenbone Cloud Service (GCS), which is a cloud-based service. You can avoid the difficulty of managing the scanning infrastructure completely and just get push button scans.

Of course in that case, you should also read the main information page and the Greenbone Cloud Service documentation to understand the service.